Friday, June 12, 2015

Delectable Mountains Blog Hop {Classic & Vintage: from Fat Quarter Shop}

Good morning everyone!  Remember that secret sewing I mentioned awhile back on Instagram?  I'm so excited to show you what I've been working on.  My good friends at the Fat Quarter Shop asked me to be a part of the release for their newest Classic & Vintage video series post: Delectable Mountains, and today I get to show you what I made!

I had a hard time choosing fabrics for this one to begin with but found inspiration in  this antique version.  What really drew me in was the dark background and the way the lighter mountains popped out from it.   Since the black seemed a little harsh to me I decided to go with a navy background instead, picking up some Doe Blue Hatched by Carolyn Friedlander.  I really love the color of this fabric it's rich and bright while still giving the quilt the grounded feel I wanted it to have.

For my mountains I started with the Beach House Remix Fat Quarter Bundle by Cotton + Steel and then added in some other coordinated Cotton + Steel from my stash to fill out my fabric requirements.  I was really inspired by the colors of my recent vacation to Orlando with my Mom and found myself continuously picking out colors that reminded me of the week.

After playing with the colors a little longer I decided to pull out those darkest greens.  I felt like they were too close in value to the background fabric. If you ever are not sure, take a black and white photo!  See how close they are to the background?  Not good, in my opinion.

The pattern also calls for one package of 2” finished Triangles on a Roll but I didn't have any so I used this free print out instead.  The cutting instructions were very clear and in no time I was ready to start sewing.  My cut fabric became sheets of triangles ready to cut, press and trim, and finally half blocks.

I finished four blocks to show you today.  I'm aiming for a slightly-larger-than-twin-sized quilt though so I have at least another 80 blocks to go.  Luckily I really like how they came out so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.  I'm planning on keeping this finish for our house so I have plenty of personal interest to complete the quilt!

Just for fun, I mocked up what my blocks would look like in the crib sized version and I'm really loving it!  Don't you just love the movement that Doe background fabric adds?

If you want to make your own version of the Delectable Mountains Quilt you can find the free block pattern here.

A complete PDF pattern is also available for only $4.98.

Fat Quarter Shop has also created a wonderful video.  If you really love their version there is also a kit available.

Thank you so much for joining me on this fun hop!  Be sure to check out the other participants as well as the Fat Quarter Shop blog.

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  1. It is so fun seeing this pattern envisioned in so many different ways today. I think that your B&W test was a great idea and really helps the pattern pop with the lighter colors against your background.

  2. That bold blue doe is so neat and graphic. The cotton and steal mix is just perfect too - I really love how their fabrics blend so well together across collections. Can't wait to see more of this quilt come together!

  3. Adorable!! The background is perfect for this block.

  4. Wow you will be busy but it will be fab!

  5. Ooh that is super cool! Thanks for the great tip about selecting fabrics in comparison to the background fabrics. Great work!

  6. The background was a great choice - it does a great job of allowing your other fabric choices shine. This is a really cool block!

  7. Beautiful finish! Love the colors and fabrics, I can see so many different fabric lines and colors for this one!

  8. This is my favorite! I just love the blue background! Thank You. I am saving this one!

  9. Awesome. Your background gives your quilt a completely different feel than the other quilts I have seen today. You have truly put a modern spin on a classic. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Pulling out the greens was the right call.
    I do love the movement of the blue background. I rarely choose dark backgrounds, but this is one I truly like.

  11. I love the dark background! The mountains really stand out against the "sky." It will be beautiful when it's finished!

  12. I love how your version has a consistent backing and the blocks are scrappy! Shhhh .... it's my favorite version.


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