Round Trip Quilts

A small group of bloggers from 2014 New Quilt Blogger's Blog Hop thought it would be fun to get together and form a round robin style quilting bee for the US and Canada called Round Trip Quilts.
The way this bee works is that each person makes a starting block and then mails it to the next person on the list.  With each rotation the quilt grows with a new border or section being added each time.  The quilt continues to grow as it is passed around the group and eventually makes a round trip back to the original quilter as a beautiful finished quilt top!

Our Schedule is as follows. With each new round I'll update the links below so be sure to check back often!

September 1, 2014
Mail first block
October 13, 2014
First Mailing (6 weeks)
November 24, 2014
Second Mailing (6 weeks)
January 20, 2015
Third Mailing (8 weeks – includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years)
March 2, 2015
Fourth Mailing (6 weeks)
April 13, 2015
Fifth Mailing (6 weeks)
June 30, 2015
Sixth Mailing (7 weeks)
July 30, 2015
Mail back to Owner! (6 weeks)

Heather at QA Creations

Heather's Center | Border 1 (by Liz) | Border 2 (by me) | Border 3 (by Leanne) | Border 4 (by Mary) | Border 5 (by Chelsea) | Border 6 (by Christina) | Border 7 (by Kim) | Heather's Finished Quilt

Liz at Green Cheese Quilting Unfortunately life happens sometimes.  Liz is Jet Setting the world this spring and summer and had to withdraw from the group.  We wish her luck, safe travels, and lots of sewing time!

Liz's Center | Border 1 (by me) | Border 2 (by Leanne) | Border 3 (by Mary) | Border 4 (by Chelsea) | Border 5 (by Christina) | Border 6 (by Kim) | Border 7 (by Heather) | Liz's Finished Quilt

Jennifer at Never Just Jennifer (that's me!)

My Center | Border 1 (by Leanne) | Border 2 (by Mary) | Border 3 (by Chelsea) | Border 4 (by Christina) | Border 5 (by Kim) | Border 6 (by Heather) | Border 7 (by Heather) | My Finished Quilt

Leanne at Devoted Quilter

Leanne's Center | Border 1 (by Mary) | Border 2 (by Chelsea) | Border 3 (by Christina) | Border 4 (by Kim) | Border 5 (by Heather) | Border 6 (by Liz) | Border 7 (by me) | Leanne's Finished Quilt

Mary at See Mary Quilt

Chelsea at Patch the Giraffe

Christina at WIPs and Tuts

Kim at Ties That Bind Quilting

Kim's Center | Border 1 (by Heather) | Border 2 (by Liz) | Border 3 (by me) | Border 4 (by Leanne) | Border 5 (by Mary) | Border 6 (by Chelsea) | Border 7 (by Christina) | Kim's Finished Quilt

You can also find the group on Flickr or on Instagram using #RoundTripQuilts.

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  1. Did you all stop making borders or just stop posting? I've been having fun following the quilts' progress but haven't seen any updates on the blog since border 5. Am I just not finding them on this site? The most recent one I found is Chelsea's quilt border 6 by Leanne.


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