Thursday, October 15, 2015

Twice as Nice Super-Hero Twin Quilts {two finished quilts}

Wow, it's been a month again...  how did that happen?  So much is happening right now.  Partly because I lost my sewjo again, the change in the seasons and my struggle with seasonal depression (and the loss of light) and an intense desire to watch re-runs of SVU on Netflix and eat cookies, and partially because of work demands and things that need to get finished at home before the snow comes in (winter IS coming).  If you really missed me I have been active on Instagram.  I vow to be more active here in this space moving forward though.  This is important to me and you are too.  I appreciate you taking the time to read my sometimes nonsensical rambling and comment on posts.  I look forward to that interactions with each of you.
Today I want to show you the coordinated twin quilts I recently finished for a co-worker.  I'm calling them my super-hero quilts.  All of the different shades of red, white and blue make me think of Superman, Captain America, and the lot.  I started these back in July and shared the tops with you shortly after as part of the Quilted Living Summer Blog Tour with Fat Quarter Shop.  I made the Freedom quilt and, after a quick email to my coworker to make sure she was on board with the idea, decided to break it up into two smaller quilts for her soon to arrive twin boys.  

I worked from my stash for this one and started with a big stack of bright red/orange, royal blue/navy, and a mismatched pile of low volume gray/cream/white. For backings and binding I used different fabrics for each quilt.  I wanted these quilts to be a matched pair but not matching quilts, that way Momma can tell whose is whose, even if she can't tell who's who.  Right Momma?

One quilt has a solid blue kona backing with a red binding and the other is a fun red-white-blue print with a coordinated blue binding.  I kept the quilting very simple on each quilt, mostly using my walking foot to straight line quilt in coordinated blue, red. and white threads.  I did go back and FMQ some areas as well.  I really love how the quilting shows up on the solid backing by the way! Maybe as I become more confident with my quilting I'll do more of these in the future?

In usual fashion I procrastinated getting these finished until the week before Mommas surprise baby shower at work.  I ended up quilting them over two days and then rushing to get the bindings on the night before.  I did finish in time to give her the quilts but then had to take them back so I could snap some pictures to share with you.  Unfortunately the weather was not cooperative so even the ones I got were not great (sorry).  

I'm really happy with how these came out, even the FMQ, which I usually struggle with.  Momma loves them too and was really happy to get some handmade quilts for her two newest boys. I did make her promise to send me a picture of her new babies on the quilts once they make their debut.  I won't wish them to hurry up but I can't wait to meet them!

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  1. The quilts turned out beautifully, and I think you did get some lovely photographs! Isn't it fun how well solid backings show off quilting? I like the small touches that differentiate each quilt and look forward to when you can share these quilts being used by rambunctious twins. :)

  2. I think rushing a baby quilt and taking crappy pictures is a rite of passage for quilters! I did one like that not too long ago! The quilts are really pretty though - love the low volume background - really makes the colours stand out!

  3. Your quilts are great! Love your pattern!

  4. These look great! Awesome finish. Kat @

  5. These look great! Awesome finish. Kat @

  6. Great pair of finishes! That rush is part of life as a quilter, I think! Your quilts turned out beautifully. I, too, like how they match but don't match, and I can't wait to see babies on them. Then again, we all know how much I love babies on quilts LOL

  7. Very nice! Love the bold fabrics and pattern. Sure to be a hit with the little ones:)

  8. They look great! I love that they go together, but they're not identical. The boys will probably appreciate that as they get older too.

  9. These are perfect as a matched pair that doesn't entirely match. The boys are sure to love them even as they grow.
    You must have made a superhuman effort to quilt and bind them both in two days. That is a lot of work. Maybe you are the superhero!


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