Monday, July 13, 2015

Quilted Living Summer Blog Tour

Welcome back!  I am so excited to welcome you to the start of the Quilted Living Summer Blog Tour with the Fat Quarter Shop.

Gerri Robinson’s Quilted Living book was first launched about a year ago though the quilts feel so relevant for the season right now.  It is all about beautiful, simple quilts for a comfortable home, perfect for summer cuddling.  Simple patterns and repeating shapes mean that the tops come together fast, making them ideal for working on during those summer afternoon rain storms.

Seeing as it was just the Fourth of July I was really drawn to the red, white, and blue quilts in Gerri's book.  There are several designs, each one unique but still nicely coordinated.  I love how they are patriotic without feeling too cliche or overdone.  In other words, I won't feel ashamed to have one of these quilts on my couch year round.

I decided to make the Freedom quilt, top right in the picture above.  I pulled a big stack of bright reds, leaning towards orange in some cases, royal blues and navy, and a mismatched pile of low volume grays, creams, whites, and off-whites (and now need to refresh my low volume stash!).  I was able to piece all of my star blocks in less than an evening, even taking care to make sure that the directional fabrics were all lined up appropriately.

The next night I was ready to cut and piece my blue chevrons.  As a quick recommendation when making these blocks, sew an extra line to the outside of your marked line.  Then when you cut your blocks, you'll have a half-square triangle ready to press and trim for another project!  I have a big stack of nearly 100 blue and white half-square triangles ready to go!

When it came time to piece the top I had a moment of revelation, realizing that these blocks would make a great baby quilt.  One of my coworkers is having twins later this year and I asked her if she'd be interested in a matched set of baby quilts.  Her resounding yes sealed the deal and I was off piecing the tops!

I love how these came out.  They are bold, graphic, and modern but still have that touch tradition that really speaks to my style.  I also like that they are clearly the same quilt pattern and layout but the different fabric set them apart.

I took them to a nearby commons to snap some pictures.  I love the location and think it really highlights these quilts nicely.  I'm waiting on backing fabric right now and then I'll be off and basting to get these finished up in time for babies!

Be sure to visit the Fat Quarter Shop and the rest of the blog hoppers taking part in this Quilted Living Summer Blog Hop.  And don't forget, the Fat Quarter Shop is running a giveaway!

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Thanks for visiting!  Come back soon to see how these lovely matched baby quilts finish up!


  1. What beautiful quilt tops and an awesome idea for twins. I hope the backing fabric arrives quickly and you have fun finishing them!

  2. I love your quilts! They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Jenn for thinking of me and the babies. I will cherish these quilts on cold fall and winter nights. You do amazing work and I am always blown away with your finished products.

  4. Awesome quilts and I am big fan of Gerri Robinson.

  5. Beautiful quilts! I've got the book already but haven't made anything.....need to get started!

  6. Fabulous quilts and you did great job.Thanks for sharing!


  8. I love the Freedom baby quilts you've made! Excellent tip about making HST with your trimmings!

  9. They're beautiful and now those babies will have wonderful keepsakes!

  10. These are wonderful! Such a really fun quilt pattern!

  11. Pretty, bright, crisp and bold. Love them.

  12. Your quilts are wonderful - I'm sure those precious little twins will love them!! :)

  13. Awesome idea for the baby quilts!

  14. Your projects turned out GREAT
    I love it. Thank you for sharing to day

  15. I think the Freedom Quilt will be my favorite!

  16. I am so glad you found the perfect use for this: twin baby quilts. Clever!

  17. Nice to meet you! I'm in love with the Stars and Stripes !


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