Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2015 Finish-Along {Q2 Recap}

I did pretty good this quarter getting some of my goals finished.  Let's review what I accomplished.

1. Finish Commission Quilt 1 of 2 by the end of April.  The top is done.  I just need to sew the backing and then baste/quilt/bind for my customer to gift.

Done!  My customer gifted it to her brother on July 4th, her mother's birthday.  He loved it!!  You can read more about it here.

2. Finish this fun Modern Hexies mini-quilt I started working on.  Quilting is done, just need to bind and hang.  

I Finished the binding in the nick of time on July 1st while listening to Moby Dick on YouTube with my husband, but ran out of time to photograph.  Hopefully I will do so in time for the Q3 linkup.  

3. Pull fabrics for a commissioned baby quilt for a nearby family member.  We'll be using this pattern and have decided on a color scheme:  gray, light blue, mint, navy, white and a green apple color.  

We didn't use the pattern we had first chosen but did stick to the color scheme. I just need to sew the binding down and take some photos.

4. Start/Finish some secret sewing I have to finish for a secret person that I can't tell you anything about yet.

This was my delectable mountains blog hop quilt.  I have all the fabric cut.  I just need to sew up the rest of the blocks and put it together.

5. Finish making additional blocks for my Low Volume Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt then put the whole thing together.  I think I want to back this one in Voile or Lawn for a nice, light, summer quilt.  

I got the fabric strips cut but haven't had time to start sewing more blocks.

6. Finish my Modern Double-Cross Quilt.  It's a graduation gift for a cousin who graduated high school LAST YEAR.  No pictures yet, since it's a surprise.

Still not put together.  Late is better than never right?

7. Quilt and bind my #orangepeelQAL quilt from last year.  

Done!  It's called Hot + Cold.  You can read about it here.

8. Quilt and bind my scrappy red and white hourglass quilt, also from last year!  

DONE!  I'm calling it Sailor's Take Delight.  Blogged here.

9.  Bind the wedding quilt made for my Uncle and Wife who got married in October 2013.  Also very late.

Not bound yet.  Hopefully soon!

I'm linking up with Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story today.



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  2. Wow! You have a long list! I love all of them! The first one is a fabulous design! Scratch that...I love all of them! Great job, you gotta be proud!

  3. Great progress! I am glad that the memory quilt was so well received as I know that was a challenging commission.


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