Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Finish Along {Q1 Goals}

Looking back on my 2015 finish along goals, I didn't do so hot.  Sure I got a lot finished in Q1 but not much of what was on my list.  In Q2 I did much better at following and finishing what was on my list.  I didn't even manage a list for Q3 or Q4.  Check out all of my posts related to last years finish along here.

I'm aiming to be much better this year though.  I have some big plans for that long WIP list from last year.  So let's get down to it with my list of goals for quarter 1.

1. Finish the match for this commissioned quilt.  

I'm really excited about this one!  No picture yet though so I'll just share one of the first memory quilt I made for this customer.

2. Complete a T-Shirt quilt for my cousin using her college tees.

Sarah made this lovely quilt with her Gramma and I'm totally stealing her idea.  It's a Sweetwater pattern made with embroidered blocks but I'm thinking it's going to be perfect for the t-shirt quilt too!

Photo courtesy of Smiles Too Loudly

3-4-5. Finish quilting three baby quilts.

This fall I made three baby quilts while I was at retreat.  I have one about 70% quilted,  The other two still need to be basted but then they are ready to go.  They are surprises so I only have this one WIP picture to show you for now.

6-7. Complete these Open Wide Zipper Pouches.

I have several pouches started so far.  Some are for a trade with girlfriends (they crochet, do needle point, and weave, I'm very excited!), others are for gifts.

8-9-10. Quilt the three different versions of this Liberty and Peppered Cotton butterfly quilt.

I have been having so much fun playing with these Liberty of London scraps and some pretty forest green peppered cotton.  I made two quilt tops and one mini-quilt out of these absolutely lovely fabrics.  I'm planning on keeping one and perhaps selling the other two.  We'll see!

11. Quilt my Tree Skirt

Over Christmas a close family friend was state-side for a bit and she let me borrow her pattern and ruler to make a tree skirt.We went shopping together the year before when she bought the fabrics for her two versions and they are absolutely lovely!  I finished sewing my Cotton + Steel and Carolyn Friedlander version in an afternoon!

So there you have my list!  Looks like I'm going to need to buy some more thread and batting so I can get all this quilting done!  Let's see how I do!  Linking up with A Quilter's Table for the FAL and with WIP Wednesday today too!

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