Saturday, December 20, 2014

Peach, Rose, and Plum Bee Blocks - A Finished Baby Quilt

Hello!  I'm still alive.  Just busy with work at the moment so I haven't had much time for sewing.  I did finish something though.  The best part?  It's one of the projects I shared with you back in my 100th post.

Remember these blocks?  They were supposed to be for our wedding but we changed the color scheme and never used them.  I had intended to piece the baby's name and include that in the top but I said "forget it!" and sewed it up using what I had.

This approach was really perfect for baby and her parents.  They are great about making due with what they have and living simply.  Everything for baby is hand-me-downs.  So I tried to embrace that spirit and finish this up for baby.

I found some coral and purple yardage in my stash that I thought coordinated nicely and went to work piecing up the top.  I decided to keep it simple and just set the blocks slightly off center.

The backing is more yardage I picked up for the wedding originally but never used.  Lucky for me it was an extra-wide yardage so I didn't have to piece the back.  **Win!**  I quilted the background simply in long loopy lines that should keep it nice and soft for baby and stitched in the ditch around the star blocks.

On a whim I decided to round the corners of the quilt.  I'm glad I did.  I love the soft look it gives the whole thing.  I bound it using more fabric from my stash that doesn't exactly match but... hey, baby won't care and neither do I.  I'll be gifting it to baby and Mom and Dad in the next few days.  I hope they love it!

I'm happy to also check this off and one of my 30+ WIPs and UFOs as well!  Making progress one quilt at a time.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Round #2 - Heather @ QA Creations {Round Trip Quilts}

I had a lot of ideas when I first received Heather's beautiful Round Trip Quilts top.  Liz at Green Cheese Quilting had done an amazing job and I was very excited to dive into my addition to the top.  I had to laugh because Liz had some difficulty at the post office so the package looked all beat up but everything was there, right where it should be!

Heather sent me some extra words to work with half-way through but I already knew exactly what I wanted to make.  Eventually this pile of fabrics turned into a pile of blocks.  Then I had to get busy top stitching.

I used white thread to top-stitch my sample block but kept going back and forth about using some brighter colors.  It was a solid toss up between a beautiful purple variegated thread and some fantastic hot pink that was the perfect clashy-bright color.

The purple variegated won out.  It went with Heather's color theme better.  The color is good.  It blends nicely on some of the pieces and really pops on others, without being overwhelming.

I managed to finish up my addition on Friday after Thanksgiving, only three days late.  I was travelling for the weekend visiting family so I quickly snapped some shots in the snow on Saturday morning before I left the house and popped it in the mail as soon as we drove by an open post office.  Leanne, you should be seeing it soon!

The piece I added is nearly the same size as what Liz and Heather created but I think it will coordinate nicely with the rest of the quilt.  I like how my brighter pinks accent the pinks that Liz used to make her "waves".

When I was done piecing I had  20 extra window blocks and debated between keeping them to make another mini quilt or sending them along with the top for someone to add later.  I thought that since I already had a mini I should let Heather and her daughter enjoy them instead.  If you want to make some of your own, I wrote up a tutorial on how I made these.

Happy Quilting!

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