Welcome to Never Just Jennifer. A blog about Quilting.
I'm a born and bread New England girl who loves the outdoors and bright colors.  My husband and I live in northern New Hampshire with our two adopted cats, Martin and Agent Archer.  I work as an Application Systems Analyst and Data Support person in Finance at an area hospital.  I am many things.  I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a cousin.  I am an analyst, a nerd, and an artist.  But the title I like best is Quilter.  In addition to quilting, I've recently started running, enjoy cycling with my husband, and hiking and skiing the mountains near our home.

This is my blog.

This is my space to share with you my love of all things fabric and quilts.  There will be WIPs (work in progress), UFOs (unfinished objects), HSYs (haven’t started yet), PHDs (projects half done), probably a couple of TGIFs (thank God it’s finished), maybe a few WOMBATs (waste of material, batting, and time), and even some finished quilts.  Along the way I’ll try to share insights and observations about the art of quilting and ultimately what it means to me to be a quilter.

far left: visiting MQX 2014; top right: Color Vibe 5K; bottom right: Martin and Agent Archer

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  1. You and your DH (dear husband) are so cute, I love love love to see young women enjoying the art of quilting. I have 3 stepdaughters and many nieces, none of whom are showing any interest - yet. Sew on girl!


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