Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Bee Blocks

I finished up my March Bee Blocks today.  I think they're pretty cool!  I will tell you though, having made 9 versions of this block, each with 24 - 2" half square triangles, that I'm over HST for awhile (if you were doing the math in your head that is 216 HST). I signed up for two spots this month, which means I'll get 8 blocks back instead of the usual 4.

You've seen my test block:

Hive 1:

Teal, Coral/Orange, Navy on Low Volume
For Jennifer

Black, White, Various Grey with Hints of Color
For Tiffany

Pink, Red, Teal on White
For Debbie
 This one was hard to photograph.  The background is a beautiful deep purple.
Yellow, Orange, Red with Dark Pink or Purple Background
For Terri
Hive 3:

Sunny Reds, Pinks, Orange, Yellow with Berry Tones on White
For Jocelyn

Red and Grey on White Low Volume
For Tamara

Purple, Cobalt Blue, Kelly Green on White
For Jenn

Coral, Aqua, Mustard on Low Volume
For Renae
I think they look so fun together too.  What do you think?  If you want to make a similar block Amy Friend did post a tutorial awhile back.  She calls this block a "Winged Square".

Linking up with Caroline at Sew Can She for Show off Saturday.


  1. Love your blocks and they look perfect! That's a lot of itty bitty HSTs. . . I think I would have been over them at about 10 ;) They do look very cool altogether!

    1. Thanks! I like them but I've definitely had my fill for now.


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