Thursday, June 26, 2014

Little time for sewing

I've hardly had any sewing time the last few weeks.  Not since the triangle quilt backing debacle.  I still haven't decided what to do about it.

Last week my sewing mojo was missing in action.  My husband was away on work for the week so I had plenty of time to sew, but for some reason I just didn't feel like it... do you ever have those days?  I did do a bit of hand sewing with a batik charm-pack I had lying around. 

I started sewing them together but I don't really like how it's looking.  The stitches are really obvious and I don't really like the color placement.  I think I'll probably scrap this layout and start over.  I really love the modern feel of these floating hexagons.  I think that type of layout would help the batiks feel less frumpy and help the beautiful bright colors to really pop.

This weekend I wasn't able to sew either.  I ended up traveling to the Great North Woods of New Hampshire (Yes, that is a real place!) to spend some time with my husband on his job site in Pittsburgh, NH.  For those of you who know your northern New Hampshire geography,  that's the bit of NH that is further north than Canada.  We got a lot accomplished but, alas, little done in the way of sewing.  I did manage to stitch up a few more of the hexie's mentioned above.

I also recently ordered some cute mini-business cards from, which arrived last week. How cute are these?!  I plan on carrying some with me for when people ask me about my blog and including them in the Bee packages I send out.   I was inspired to create a design after two different bee-mates included them in their packages.  I used my new blog header for the front, featuring the Globe Trotting QAL in Rapture, and my new triangle quilt on the back.


  1. I love's business cards - yours look awesome! :) I hope you find your way back to sewing with joy and gusto again soon.

  2. I cope with sewing errors the same way you do. i leave my mistakes to purcolate for a while. Usually I'll rip something out once or twice and if it's still not perfect I leave it.....although I'm working on Park Bench and I've pulled a couple of them out 4 or 5 times.....problem is I think they are stretching. I've got one percolating right now and I'm thinking I might buy a little extra fabric and start it again. It's got a tuck in the top right now and I don't think I can live with that.
    On the subject of the hexies. I think they look pretty good the yellow and red ones look good together and brighten up the green a bit.

  3. I hope your sewing mojo returns soon!

  4. I love your new cards. Pittsburg is so pretty! For the hexis I switched from using a whip stitch to a blind stitch and had better luck, the stitches were less obvious, although I can't see the stitches in the photo :)


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