Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Orange Peel Progress

I've made lots of progress since Thursday when I first told you about the Orange Peel Quilt Along.

A color palette and fabrics were chosen.  I borrowed this quasi-red, white and blue theme from Chelsea at Patch the Giraffe.  (Don't worry she knows!)

Then I got to work pieced the background squares, 2 1/2 inch half-square triangles.  I used this super fast method to make 8 at a time.

And ended up with this lovely piece of patchwork all laid out on the floor.  Fun right?

Then it was time to make the orange peels.  I used this method.

And when I was done laying them all out.  They looked like this.

Now to start fusing them down.

I'm linking up with this weeks WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.


  1. This looks great -- really neat effect from a distance and also looks interesting to study close-up. I love the orange peel photo montage. I'm curious to see how you'll quilt this.

  2. I'm so jealous, your design is really great. I'm planning an orange peel too but I cannot decide on the pattern. I'm hesitating between a busy look like yours or a simplier one, with more negative space.

  3. Fantastic! What an amazing amount of progress already - I like where this is headed!

  4. Oh how fun! It is crazy and fun to look at! Can't wait to see them all sewn down.

  5. I am so tempted to try the orange peels. I have lots of scraps, so I might just join in!

  6. Amazing progress so soon! It is fascinating to see the difference between the half-square triangle quilt base and the one with the orange peels. I love the effect. (And I too have pinned Chelsea's colour scheme for future reference.)

  7. I love the colors and fabrics! It has been fun to see what everyone comes up with!

  8. I seriously LOVE how creative you are with your HST background! This is going to be so awesome!


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