Monday, August 11, 2014

Sugar Block Club Catch Up

After playing catch up in May, I again fell behind on my Sugar Block Club blocks, partly due to a lack of motivation and inspiration, partly due to my new race training plan (I'm running a half marathon in October), partly due to the beautiful, perfect summer we've been having here in New England, and partly due to increased workload and extra projects at work.  But after a roughly three week hiatus from my sewing machine, I finally had the chance to sit down and sew this afternoon.  What better way is there to spend a Sunday?

This is one of my favorite blocks so far (along with February's Mercy block).  I think its the on-point center square that I really like.  I played around with the color placement a little bit and made a few changes to the block but it still holds true to Amy's original design.  In June, Amy (of Stitchery Dickory Dock), or rather her husband, Mr. Dock, challenged us to be a Teacher, to share our passion with others.  I've always loved teaching people about the things for which I am passionate.  I taught downhill skiing for 8 years through high school and college, and my friends know just how passionate I am about the sport.  Though I still have much to learn about sewing, I have been able to share my passion for quilting also.  Online groups through Facebook and Flickr give us the the chance to share knowledge and hard learned lessons with others.  Our shared passion for quilting make us all teachers.

June Block | Teach
In July, we were challenged to be Servants.  Mark 10:44 says “And whoever wishes to be most important and first in rank among you must be a slave of all.  For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as ransom for many.”  And Matthew 23:11 says: “The greatest among you shall be your servant” -Matthew 23:11.  Amy challenges us to be a servant by practicing humility and be a servant to others.  This means being there for other when they need you, helping to pack a lunch or taking extra projects on at work to help out a co-worker,or volunteering or donating.

July Block | Serve
For the August Beyond the Block challenge, Amy challenged us to be Bold.  This means speaking up about the things that are important to us.  For Amy, it was standing by her decision to home school her children, regardless of how others perceived her.  For me, it could be many things.  So often I struggle to speak up to voice my opinion or share my beliefs, fearing how others will react.  It is that confidence that I have struggled with for a long time.  Amy's Beyond the Block challenge helped encourage me to speak up.

Finally, Here are all the blocks together.  Aren't they pretty?  I can't wait to see the last four blocks to finish up this pretty sampler.  Hopefully I won't fall behind again... unlikely as that is.  I take over as President of my local quilt guild (visit us sometime if you're ever in New Hampshire!) and it's very likely that I won't have anytime for sewing for awhile.

January through August Sugar Block Club blocks

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  1. SO pretty! It's going to be really cool when its finished! I have a BOM I'm doing as well...Getting towards the end and very excited to put it all together!

  2. Your blocks look lovely together. The colors are warm and inviting and it looks like it will be a great winter snuggling quilt when it is completed. Wow, taking over as the president of your guild! I hope that the experience is wonderful! :)

  3. I love how yours is turning out! Those colors are awesome. You're not the only one who was challenged by being bold :). When and where does your guild meet?

  4. Good for you for catching up with the blocks- they look great. I have yet to start the January block which I am boldly announcing here. I do intend to get them all done in September however. Good luck with your stint as your guild president.

  5. What a nice post! I'm also behind with Sugar Block Club ... oh no!! I love this series so much and can't wait to cone back sewing them! Your block looks great all together!


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