Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mosaic Contest - Ice Parfait

Stitched in Color is once again having a color mosaic contest, sponsored by Cuts of Cotton.  The theme this time is Ice Parfait...

Two winners will receive a FQ bundle of their fabric choices and have their bundle sold in the store for others to purchase!  The contest runs through midnight January 22nd at which time Rachel will choose her favorites and then open up voting to the rest of us with the final winners announced on January 26th!  So get your entries in and then remember to go back and vote for your favorites!

Rachel describes the theme as "fabrics [that] can be very simple, nuanced with angles, incorporat[ing] black, gray or both.  Just make sure to include icy colors in a way that feels still and wintry to you."  In case you missed it, it's been solidly below zero here most nights for the past few weeks and has barely reached a temperature above zero during the days.  I'm so ready to think about Ice Parfait.

Ice Parfait #1 - SUNRISE

Winter mornings are so beautiful.  So many soft and delicate colors.  And the days are short so while I drive to work during the coldest days I get to watch the sun rise.  Those colors!  The sky is a rainbow of pastels.  The trees are dark against the soft sky and tinted snow.  Everything still sparkles from the early morning sunlight.

Fabrics are as follows, left to right, top to bottom: 1. Architextures - Crosshatch - Lake, 2. Architextures - Script - Charcoal, 3. Doe - Breeze - Sky, 4. Doe - Intersections - Blue, 5. Doe - Ladder Lines - Natural, 6. Pearl Bracelet - Peach, 7. Pearl Bracelet - Taupe Pearl, 8. Squared Elements - Seafoam, 9. Prisma Elements - Pearl and Gold Metallic

Ice Parfait #2 - DAY

I love winter.  I love the cold.  I love the days when it's just so cold outside that you can feel the ice form in your lungs when you breath.  There is something so refreshing about those days.  They are so simple.  When the wind blows and the snow flies, you are pushed to hurry along inside but the sun peeking through the grey, drab sky beckons you to stay and enjoy the simplicity of the moment.  Everything is covered in snow but the evergreens fight through to show off their still green needles even though the rest of the trees have given in and turned to the soft, snow dotted grey that they tend to become in winter.  Moments like these speak to me.  They beg me to stay; to live in that one moment and just breathe.

Fabrics are as follows, left to right, top to bottom: 1. Sun Print - Text - Black, 2. Pearl Bracelet - Taupe Pearl, 3. Doe - Breeze - Sky, 4. Doe - Droplet - Sky, 5. Architextures - Crosshatch - Fern, 6. Quilter's Linen - Snow, 7. Prisma Elements - Pearl and Gold Metallic, 8. Essex Yarn Dyed Linen - Flax, 9. Calico - Forest

I ended up making one extra mosaic.  While I was on this theme I wanted to also capture the beauty of the night in winter.  It's not very parfait-y but it is still gorgeous non the less.

Ice Parfait #3 - NIGHT

At night, the sky goes black and the mercury retreats lower, trying to stay warm.  The grey clouds from the day begin to break and suddenly, after the sun has fled the cold dark night, the clouds give way to the most clear and beautiful night you could ever imagine.  The stars fight to be seen over the glitter of the white snow in the cold moonlight.  Everything is black and white, except for the places where the trees stand up against the cold night.  They are blue and grey and their shadows cast a paler version of themselves, elongated onto the snow.  A night like this, when the milky way could reach out and slap you with it's clear brilliance, is something you never forget.

Fabrics are as follows, left to right, top to bottom: 1. Doe - Crisscross - Blue, 2. Architextures - Script - Black, 3. Pearl Bracelet - Midnight, 4. Oval Elements - Silver Drops, 5. Pearl Bracelet - Shadow, 6. Doe - Droplet - Sky, 7. Architextures - Crosshatch - White, 8. Doe - Intersections - Blue, 9. Prisma Elements - Pearl and Gold Metallic

Thanks for visiting and good luck to all who enter the giveaway!


  1. This was a fun theme, and I really like your interpretations of the times of day. :)

  2. Bravo! I completely agree with you about the beauty of the cold winter. You have captured it masterfully!

  3. I love your mix of patterns in sunrise, nicely done!

  4. Really like the night time one - would be a beautiful fabric pick!

  5. Great post! Thanks for sharing your inspiration.


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