Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival : Two Birds, One Stone

Its time again for the 2015 Blogger's Quilt Festival.  I'm entering my favorite finish yet: Two Birds, One Stone into the Original Design category.

For those of you that follow the blog, are you sick of seeing this quilt yet?  I'm not!  Every time I walk into the living room I'm happy to see it sitting there on my couch with the kitties.

This quilt was made for the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year challenge and for my local quilt guild's annual challenge.  It is an original design comprised of two different sized Birds in the Air blocks.  I set the blocks on point and then played with the layout until I had something I was satisfied with.  The real challenge here for me was creating something modern out of a more traditional quilt block.

I've had so many requests for a pattern for this quilt and I've heard you.  I hope to have something done by the end of the summer, though it's my first foray into pattern writing, so who know's how it will go.  (Any tips from you experienced pattern writers out there?)

This quilt also hung at my local quilt guild's biennial quilt show this year and received a very warm response.

You can read more about this quilt here, here, here, and here.

Link ups are open until May 20th, voting is open from May 22nd to May 29th, and winners are announced on May 30th.  Good luck to everyone who is participating!


  1. The festival is such a fun way to get to share and celebrate our favorite quilts. :) In terms of pattern writing, I still love to look over lots of other patterns that I have on hand for inspiration on pattern writing. And lots of images... good luck! :)

  2. It's beautiful! I love the colors and I think it would make an excellent pattern! Best thing would be to have someone test your pattern out... The feedback is priceless :)

  3. I'm still lovin' it, so I'm voting for it again in this festival.


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