Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mosaic Tuesday - Early Autumn {Quiltspiration 365}

Thanks to some of the lovely ladies over at Late Night Quilters I'm happy to introduce a new series of weekly posts I'm calling Mosaic Tuesdays (for lack of a better name at this point).  It's part of an effort we're calling quiltspiration365‬, intended to fulfill your every need when it comes to quilty inspiration 365 days a year.  You can find more posts about the series on Facebook and instagram using  #quiltspiration365 as well as links to the other posts this week below.  I'll be sharing color mosaics that inspire me, and hopefully you as well.  Feel free to use these to inspire your projects I just ask that you link back to the original color pallet post to give credit.  So without further adu...

Today's palette is inspired by the colors of early autumn.  The leaves are just starting to change here and for the most part everything is still green.  It even felt like summer again this weekend.  But the trees know that it's time for the bright mosaic of fall foliage.  The various shades of yellow, red, orange are starting to show.  Even some of the rich purple are just peaking out!  The trees are all bi-colored; starting to display their beautiful colors while still holding on the the lush greenness of summer.  I hope this mosaic inspires you to look around and appreciate the fleeting beauty of this season!

 Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 1. finished, 2. Kona® Cotton, Sweet Peas colorstory, 3. Modern Quilts Unlimited, 4. Emeralds and Ice Quilt - finished!, 5. 100 Modern Quilt Blocks: Month 7, 6. Orange and White Quilt, 7. Ellin Larimer: Fiber Artist - Junctions and Pajama Party Series, 8. Geometrics at Tokyo Quilt Festival 2012, 9. Totem, 10. SEPTEMBER COLOR SALE + NEW FABRIC , 11. Orange Range by Tomoko Tohno, 12. My first quilt: Modern green brick pattern, 13. A fabulous finish for Friday…, 14. Citron GREEN Orange GOLD Pure Elements Half Yard Bundle, 15. Halloween Quilt, 16. lily's quilt: done and done

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Be sure to search for the hashtag #quiltspiration365 for even more inspiration!

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  1. This one is great, it's so fall, but not too fall :). Are the leaves already turning up there?


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