Friday, February 27, 2015

Churn Dash | a bright and cheery quilt

Every year my girlfriends from school (affectionately nicknamed: The Cupcake Club) get together and have our annual Friendsgiving gathering.  We eat lots of food, paint our nails, apply face masks, adventure about, drink lots of wine, and do a Yankee Swap or Secret Santa.

This year I brought this fun quilt for our Yankee Swap.  When I started it I had dreams of making it massively large and keeping it for myself.  But I found it sitting in a WIP pile after several years and that changed.  Rather than making another 20 blocks or so, I decided to finish it as is and gift it to a friend.

It is a basic churn dash quilt using various blues, yellows, and grays from my stash.  It was one of the first projects I started working on when I came back to quilting.  I can tell because all of my seams are between 3/8" and 1/2" wide!  This was before the light bulb moment of perfect 1/4 seams.  The quilt finishes at about 45" square and is backed in a fun blue and white plaid.  I quilted it using my walking foot and what I'll call "organic straight line quilting."  It is bound using a soft blue polka dot, also from my stash.

The Quilt in it's new home.

My friend A. got to keep the quilt and I'm so glad.  It suits her personality perfectly!  She is a kindergarten teacher and a generally cheerful, happy person!  She says things like "aww sugar muffins", loves dancing to Pat Benatar, and is rarely found without a smile on her face.  The quilt fits in perfectly in her living room.  Though, I'm not sure which came first, the quilt or the yellow pillows!

I hope you enjoy cuddling with this quilt pretty lady!

Happy Girl, Happy Quilt.

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  1. The quilt really looks like it was made specifically for that living room! How awesome is the smile on her face holding the quilt, too? I really love yellow and blue and a combination, and this turned out great. :)

  2. That is bright and cheery especially against the snow! Looks perfect for the sofa!

  3. It is a bright cheery quilt. It's great to get it finished and make someone else happy with it.

  4. Super cute and cheerful. Great idea to finish it up.

  5. That is a lovely and cheerful quilt.
    Doesn't everyone love dancing to Pat Benatar? (Who oh oh oh ... We are strong! No one can tell us we're wrong!)
    My high school girlfriends and I catch up and go to concerts of bands/artists we first saw when we were 15. Hilarious.


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