Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pink is... Color Challenge

Stitched in Color is once again having a color mosaic contest.  The theme this time is Pink.  The winner receives a FQ bundle of their fabric choices.  I spent some time choosing my fabrics and ultimately decided on the following:

Fabrics are:

Art Gallery Fabrics, Minimalista - Confetti, Watermelon
Bonnie and Camille - Scrumptious Dots, Pink
Sweetwater Wishes - Cake Topper, Vanilla Red
Birch Organics, Mod Basics 2 - Skinny Chevron, Coral
Lizzy House, Pearl Bracelet - Peach
Michael Miller, Birds of a Feather - Twigs, Coral
Lizzy House, Pearl Bracelet - Persimmon
Violet Craft, Waterfront Park - Domino Dot, Geranium
Birch Organics, Storyboek Two - Foxy Floral, Coral
Carolyn Friedlander, Botanics - Branches, Tangerine
Heather Ross, Briar Rose - Nanny Bee, Coral
Art Gallery, Pure Elements - Coral Reef

I think it's both quiet and loud.  I find Pink to be relaxing and energetic.  Pink is such a nuanced color with so many different iterations, each with their own unique ability to evoke a different mood or emotion.

Pink is quiet and soft and demure.
Pink is understated and misunderstood.
Pink is often overlooked.
But Pink is strong and Pink is powerful.
Pink is fun and joyful and loud.
Pink is always undeniable.

This challenge is actually perfect timing for me.  I've been pulling together pinks from my stash for a block of the month quilt in just this very color palette.  What do you think?

If you like my board be sure to head back to Stiched in Color on Friday, January 24th and vote for me!

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