Monday, April 14, 2014

Machine Quilters Exposition 2014 - Part 1

As expected, I didn't get much sewing done this weekend, only accomplishing another row of my triangle quilt and some more of my "Waiting Quilt" hexagons that I first posted about way back in January.  I did, however, get to visit the 2014 Machine Quilters Exposition quilt show in Manchester on Saturday with my husband.  I had a great time and he was a good sport about the whole thing.

Since I don't have anything new to share I wanted to share some of my favorites from the show.  For all of the pictures from the quilt show visit my flickr set: MQX 2014.

One of my favorites of the show was this itty-bitty, teeny tiny miniature quilt by Mary Kay Mouton.  I had never heard of her before the show but a quick Google search discovered that Mary Kay teaches a method of paper piecing called "Flip-Flop" piecing.    Her blog describes it as a new paper-piecing system in which a quilter works on not one, but both sides of every foundation.  Hmm... Sounds interesting.  Does anyone have any experience with her technique?

What really blew me away about this quilt was the size of the finished blocks.  They must have been only 1.5" or smaller even still.  Those little rosettes are no bigger than 1/4 inch!

There was also a wonderful display of quilts by Melody Johnson.  Melody's art quilts are one of my first introductions into the world of quilting as a art form.  To this day, I am awed and inspired by her work.  The signage introducing the exhibit had this to say about her:

Melody Johnson is a curious hybrid in the quilt world.  Her quilts look pieced or appliqued but are actually fused.  Viewed from a distance, one of her distinctive quilts might be mistaken for a painting.  Her quilts are full of dazzling colors resulting from her specially hand dyed cottons and silks.  There is a casual feeling to her lines and shapes, sometimes like those found in abstract art (she is also a painter) and sometimes they echo the imagery in nature.  Many have remarked that her quilts 'look happy'.  Ms. Johnson's favored technique is fusing...

Enough words.  Let's get to her amazing quilts.

Distinctive leaf pattern found in Melody's quilts
Loved the giant X this one created
Almost looks like watercolor or pointillism but when views up close....
... they were little tiny match stick strips of fabric
Loved the border on this one.

I'll leave you with this for now.  Be sure to come back for more about the show!  I'm linking up with Stitch by Stich for anything goes mondays.

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