Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Mosaic Contest - Folksy Fall

Stitched in Color is once again having a color mosaic contest, sponsored by The Intrepid Thread.  The theme this time is Folksy Fall...

Two winners will receive a FQ bundle of their fabric choices and have their bundle sold in the store for others to purchase!  The contest runs through midnight October 12th at which time Rachel will choose her favorites and then open up voting to the rest of us with the final winners announced on Thursday, October 16th.  So get your entries in and then come back to vote for your favorites!

Rachel describes the theme as a "collection of fabrics [that] can be pretty, funky, dramatic or totally playful.  Just make sure to include a variety of colors complimented by some rich fall neutrals - browns, grays or navy blue."  I spent a bit of time thinking about what this means to me.  I think that funky, whimsy, and playful are right up my alley when it comes to fabric choices and rich fall colors with neutrals? I think I tend to do that pretty well too.

Folksy Fall #1

With this mosaic I wanted to capture both the warmth and chill of fall.  The winds are starting to get chill and the nights are getting cold, but the sun is still warm when it shines.  Some of the late flowers are still in bloom and there are still a few butterflies hanging around but the birds have begun to migrate south to warmer climates for the soon-to-arrive winter.  The spring fawns are nearly grown and the deer proudly display their fall antlers this time of year.  The trees change too.  Orange, yellow, and purple dot the mountains.  Soon the leaves will fall and all that will be left are the dark brown trunks and faded brown leaves crunching underfoot.

Fabrics are as follows (left to right top to bottom): 1. Sweet as Honey - Fly by Night, 2. Catnap - Pilgrim Butterfly in Yellow, 3. Indelible - Time is Dear in Ember, 4. Waterfront Park - Domino Dot in Geranium 5. Pretty Potent - Mary Thistle in Eggplant, 6. Meadow - Valley of Azure, 7. True Colors - Herringbone in Maple, 8. August - Frolic in Coral, 9. Cotton + Steel Basics - Dottie in Caviar, 10. Winged - Wingspan in Fig, 11. Sweet as Honey - Cherished Deer Sepia, 12. Catnap - Finn in Orange

Folksy Fall #2

I wanted to be more playful with this mosaic.  Brighter colors and playful patterns.  I love how the green, orange and violet play off of each other.  These are tertiary colors, meaning they are equidistant from each other around the color wheel.  That's why, even though they are a little clashy, they still work together.  I wanted a warm grey to offset the bright colors - like the color of the fall sky on an overcast day.  But the sun does still shine bright and metallic through the clouds on occasion so I needed a little bit of sparkle with the pearl bracelets and Cotton+Steel netorious. 

Fabrics are as follows (left to right top to bottom): 1. Pearl Bracelets - Metallic Copper on Cream, 2. Brambleberry Ridge - Flight in Orchid, 3. Far Far Away - Clover in Orange, 4. Cotton+Steel Basics - Dottie in Gnome Hut 5. Lottie Da - Vintage Rose in Tangerine, 6. Riddles and Rhymes - Foulard in Red, 7. Briar Rose - Cricket Clover in Lilac, 8. Pretty Potent - Mary Thistle in Cumin, 9. Winged - Feathered Flight in Acorn, 10. Cotton+Steel Basics - Netorious in Cloud Silver, 11. Bungalow - Chevron in Lavender, 12. Field Study - Coordinates in Kelly

I had a lot of fun pulling these bundles together.  Regardless of whether or not I will, I have a feeling that they may find themselves in my mailbox relatively soon.  Remember, you have until Sunday, October 12th to get your entry in for the contest!


  1. I like the selections you made in both pulls, but I am really drawn to the more colorful second bundle. Very nice!

  2. I am actually more drawn to the top bundle! It jives so well and those browns and blues with just a bit of yellow & orange work well! I must ask both you ladies---is there an easy way to link to all of the fabrics or did you somehow remember each one you chose and individually link each one!? I'm hoping to make another bundle and blog mine tomorrow!

  3. The top is my favorite too. The colors pull together so well, mixing in several prints. Very pretty!


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