Monday, October 27, 2014

Mosaic Tuesday - Red, Blue, and Grey {Quiltspiration 365}

Thanks to some of the lovely ladies over at Late Night Quilters I'm happy to introduce a new series of weekly posts I'm calling Mosaic Tuesdays (for lack of a better name at this point).  It's part of an effort we're calling quiltspiration365‬, intended to fulfill your every need when it comes to quilty inspiration 365 days a year.  You can find more posts about the series on Facebook and instagram using  #quiltspiration365 as well as links to the other posts this week below.  I'll be sharing color mosaics that inspire me, and hopefully you as well.  Feel free to use these to inspire your projects I just ask that you link back to the original color pallet post to give credit.  So without further adu...

There is this one tree in the middle of the parking lot at work that I love.  I get to walk past it when I have a meeting at the big house as we sometimes say.  It's bright red.  It stands all alone on a little hill and its showy red leaves shine against only the sky.  Today, with the sky caught between grey blue storm clouds and clear blue fall sky it was particularly striking.  Today's palette is inspired by that tree.

I don't generally do primary colors.  I don't know why.  I think I just prefer the subtle variances of all of the secondary and tertiary colors.  But there is something special about red and blue together.  I think the various shades of each color help keep it from feeling too patriotic, though it does still have some of that vibe to it.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 1. indigo and linen quilt, 2. Red!, 3. lily quilt wall, 4. marley of the sea {do.good}, 5. red | orange, 6Reserved Custom Order, 7. IQSCM circa 1900, 8. creux quilt, plus quilt, 9. Totem, 10. French Dot Constellation Runner , 11. Red and Blue triangles, 12. amish hourglass, 13. hand quilting geese, 14. Around the Color Wheel Solid Red, 15. Japanese blue and indigo quilt, 16. T-Hello Red!

Be sure to search for #quiltspiration365 for even more inspiration!

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  1. I really like that Amish Hourglass quilt! It makes me want to make and hand quilt a mini version!


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