Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mosaic Tuesday - Chartreuse, Ivy, Mocha, & Shale {Quiltspiration 365}

Thanks to some of the lovely ladies over at Late Night Quilters I'm happy to introduce a new series of weekly posts I'm calling Mosaic Tuesdays (for lack of a better name at this point).  It's part of an effort we're calling quiltspiration365‬, intended to fulfill your every need when it comes to quilty inspiration 365 days a year.  You can find more posts about the series on Facebook and instagram using  #quiltspiration365 as well as links to the other posts this week below.  I'll be sharing color mosaics that inspire me, and hopefully you as well.  Feel free to use these to inspire your projects I just ask that you link back to the original color pallet post to give credit.  So without further adu...

It's autumn here and the trees are in the middle of a wild competition of color.  It is always so short.  so quick.  Soon all that will be left are the evergreens: pine, douglass fir, hemlock, spruce in all their green glory.  They sit patiently and wait for the rest of the mountains to finish showing off and then surprise us with their soft, never ending beauty.  And those trees that were so busy showing off for us in autumn will turn to brown and grey as they drop their leaves and soon that will be all that is left:  evergreens, naked brown trees, and the grey sky of late fall in New England (and not long after it will all be covered in pure, white snow).

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 1. Pearl Bracelet in Gray Pearlessenc, 2. Tudor in Gray, 3. Shale Baby Blanket, 4. Squared Elements in Lime, 5. Simple pattern, 6Contemporary Baby Quilt - Earth & Grey, 7. Shaded Chevron Medium in Grasshopper, 8. Relative Value, 9. Oakshott Bundle, 10. Green Wool Bundle , 11. Mocha Brown Oasis Organic Cotton fabric, 12. Pearl Bracelet in Verbena, 13. a little bit, 14. CROSS-STITCH CHRISTMAS COVER, 15. grey and green geometric quilt, 16. Echino, Decoro, Stag Brown

Be sure to search for #quiltspiration365 for even more inspiration!

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  1. Ohhh, I love this one so much! Reminds me very strongly of my husband.... now just to find a pattern, pull a stack, and "whip" together a quilt. :D


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