Thursday, February 27, 2014

A new month of block swaps

I am excited to be starting a new month of quilt block swaps over on Flickr in the Sew Pieceful group.  This is a month by month group that you can drop in and out of as you like.  In February I received the blocks I needed to finish up my [ Red - Orange - Green ] color palette quilt(s) and will be posting pictures of those soon.

For March I'll be working with a new color palette, inspired by this photo:

Pinks, Greys, and Yellows.  Preferably from the warmer tones of the color spectrum.  This is the mosaic I worked up in this palette that I'll be sharing with my bee mates for inspiration.  Apparently pink is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in my life. Pretty much every quilt I'm working on or planning has pink in it.  I guess we'll have to wait and see what my husband thinks about all this pink.  I also started a pinterest page based on this color palette because I couldn't fit all of my inspiration into just nine images.  Can't wait to see how this quilt will come together!

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