Friday, February 28, 2014

Modern Double Cross Block {a Tutorial}

I am the Queen Bee for the month of March over at We Bee Learning and for my month I asked my bee mates to make modern double cross blocks in either 12.5" or 6.5" sizes  While there are lots of tutorials for modern or wonky cross blocks I didn't find quite what I was looking for so I decided to improvise and this is what I came up with.

I also figured I'd share with you how I made them.


You'll need: (12" Finished block)

  • one background block (I started with a 12.5" block)
  • several strips (2"-4" in width) of Accent Color 1 (I used orange) at least 2" longer than your base block
  • several strips (2"-4" in width) of Accent Color 2 (I used navy) at least 2" longer than your base block
  • Rulers, Sewing Machine, Rotatory Cutter
Start by taking your ruler and laying it at the desired angle across your background block.  Remember, the more angle, the wonky-er your block will be.  Cut the block.  Take one strip of your Accent Color 1 and sew the strip into the opening, taking care to try and keep your outside edges lined up (sorry, I didn't take photos of this part).  Press your block.

Now take your block and lay it on your cutting mat with the stripe you just sewed in facing horizontally.  Take your ruler and lay it at the desired angle across your background block.  Remember, the more angle, the wonky-er your block will be.  Cut the block.

Take the second strip of Accent Color 1 and sew it into the opening, this time, taking care to make sure your edges of the cross line up.  Press your block.

Congratulations.  You just made a wonky cross block.  BORING (at least for the purposes of this tutorial!).  Take your block and line your ruler up in the middle of the first Accent Color 1 Section.  Cut down the middle.  Want a wonky-er block, cut the line so it ISN'T parallel to the first cross.  Sew your sections together with a strip of Accent Color 2, again, taking care to line up the center sections of your cross, and press your block.

Lay your block on your mat so that the section you just sewed is horizontal.  Take your ruler and cut the block at the desired angle through the remaining Accent Color 1 section.  Sew the strip of Accent Color 2 into the opening and press your block.

You now have an untrimmed Modern Double Cross Block.  

Trim your block to the desired size and you're done.  My block ended up being about 15" before I trimmed it.  You could start with a smaller block but I didn't want to risk coming up short on the finished product.  I also decided it would be fun to make these in half-size to finish at 6" square.  I didn't take pictures of that process but it's the same thing with smaller starting background blocks and skinny stripes of fabric (on average)

What do you think of these blocks?  Would you use them in a quilt?  What about the tutorial.  What would you find helpful that I left out?  I'd love to hear your opinion.

Happy Quilting!


  1. These wonky crosses really grabbed my attention. I like the concept and will have to try one or two for fun, and who knows where that might lead!

  2. Great tutorial!!! May use this for a bee block!!! Thanks do much!

  3. Love it a bunch! I've liked the original version but have seen it enough I'm bored w/ it. This adds terrific complexity. Great job.

  4. Very cool, but I'd probably cheat by strip piecing the contrasting strip BEFORE cutting and sewing into the background block.

    1. On a second review, I realize that my cheat wouldn't have the same look. Besides that, I like how the second cross can be at a slightly different angle.


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